1997   Establishment of the SWISS BRIDGE Foundation. Co-founders: Thomas Hoepli and the             Swiss Cancer League. Chairman: Prof. Dr. Urs Metzger.


1998    First Charity Golf-Event for the Supporters and Friends of the Foundation.


2000    Announcement of the first SWISS BRIDGE AWARD. Prize-monies CHF 500’000


2001    Prof Dr Giorgio Noseda becomes Chairman of the Foundation.


2002    Prof Dr Gordon McVie becomes Chairman of the Scientific Jury.          


2003    Donation of CHF 5 Mio. approved for projects in Brasil.


2005    SWISS BRIDGE supports the establishment of the Biobank-Suisse.


2009    Announcement of the 10thSWISS BRIDGE AWARD with CHF 1 Mio prize-monies.


2011    Prof Dr Jakob Passweg becomes Chairman of the Foundation.


2014    Donation of CHF 1.2 Mio approved for prostate cancer projects.


2016    20 years anniversary ceremony at Schloss Schadau, Thun with SWISS BRIDGE AWARD of             1 Mio prize-monies. Total donations to SWISS BRIDGE reach CHF 30 Mio.


2017    Thomas Hoepli receives the “recognition award” from the Swiss Cancer League.

            Philipp Lücke takes over the Management of SWISS BRIDGE as CEO.