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16. June 2023

Newsletter 2023

Dear Friends of the SWISS BRIDGE Foundation, we are pleased to present the latest issue of the SWISS BRIDGE newsletter. Unfortunately, we were blindsided by the sad news of Thomas Hoepli‘s death earlier this year.

29. November 2022

Christmas Edition: Newsletter 2022 - II

SWISS BRIDGE Award 2022: Two research scientists from Switzerland and Sweden have received the SWISS BRIDGE Award 2022 for their research projects on infection-related cancers.

13. July 2022

Newsletter 2022 - I

In this issue of the newsletter, we would like to provide you with an overview of the cancer research projects we´re currently funding and the new projects we are currently initiating. The SWISS BRIDGE AWARD 2022; one of the most highly endowed cancer prizes in Europe, was announced once again in February. Currently it is in the heated evaluation phase, and we are very excited.


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