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Swiss Bridge is a private foundation with the purpose to seek support for cancer research. Since 2000, the Swiss Bridge Award has been granted to support high-quality cancer research projects in Europe. This year on the occasion of the 20th Swiss Bridge Award, young investigators1 with projects focusing on basic and translational research in childhood cancer are eligible for application.

Investigators from academic and cancer research institutions in Europe are invited to submit a note of intent by e-mail for a new cancer research project on or before 30 April 2020.

The proposals will be evaluated by an international scientific jury. 6 – 8 investigators will be shortlisted and invited to submit a detailed research application by mid-June 2020. Upon peer review and recommendation from the scientific jury, the top-ranked Swiss project and the top-ranked project from another European country will receive funding amounting to a total support of approx. 500 000 Swiss francs2.

The winners will be invited to an award ceremony to be held in Zurich on 21 October 2020.

The entire note of intent including attachments may not exceed 6 pages (3 000 words) and must include:

  • the title of the project
  • the name, address and affiliation of the principal investigator
  • the principal investigator’s short curriculum vitae
  • a list of up to 10 publications by the principal investigator (please provide the following information: h-index, total number of publications and total sum of citations)
  • the name(s), address(es) and affiliation(s) of potential co-applicant(s) (CVs are not required)
  • the project period (max. 3 years)
  • the amount of financial support requested (max. 250 000 Swiss francs / US Dollars). Please note: The award does not cover any indirect, infrastructure or overhead costs, which must be met by the research institution.
  • a summary of the project and
  • a statement regarding the relevance and potential contribution of the project to cancer control

Please ensure the information provided in your proposal is complete and adheres to the above guidelines before submitting a pdf-document by e-mail to

1Please note that the term young investigator refers to early stage researchers under the age of 45 holding a PhD or MD and having obtained an independent position at a hospital, university, or research institute in Europe (e.g. junior group leaders, assistant professors, lecturers, scientists establishing their own research group).

2The AWARD is split into two parts: approx. CHF 250'000 for Swiss resident awardees and approx. $ 250'000 to non-Swiss resident awardees.

Questions? Contact:

Office of the Scientific Board of the SWISS BRIDGE Foundation

c/o Swiss Cancer League, PO Box 8219, CH-3001 Berne


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