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our stated priority is to fight cancer with all available means

… invest in cancer research worldwide

In the past years, we have supported numerous projects in Belgium, Brazil, France, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, the Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

… generated up to 40 million Swiss francs in 20 years

Banks and solicitors in Switzerland have introduced numerous clients to SWISS BRIDGE, each of which has donated substantial amounts to SWISS BRIDGE.

… the SWISS BRIDGE AWARD for international researchers

The SWISS BRIDGE AWARD has become one of Europe’s most important research awards. Only the best in class receive funding up to 500’000 Swiss francs for their future projects.

… no expenses deducted from donations for research

Over the past fifteen years, the supporters and friends of the foundation have covered all the costs of public relations, fundraising and administration. This allowed us to transfer 100% of donations designated for research to the selected research teams.

… world-class scientific standing

Both the Scientific Committee and the Patrons Committee include Nobel prize winners and other world-renowned scientists.

… close co-operation with the UICC (a WHO institution)

To enable international investors and international researchers to rate the quality of SWISS BRIDGE, the organisation stipulates that recipients of SWISS BRIDGE funding outside Switzerland be a member of the “Union for International Cancer Control” in Geneva.

… “swissness” – trustworthy, modest and precise

For fifteen years, SWISS BRIDGE has undertaken only modest PR activities, putting emphasis on one-to-one contacts with its donors and prospects.


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