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Swiss Bridge is a private foundation with the purpose of seeking support for cancer research. Since 2000, the Swiss Bridge Award has been granted to support high-quality cancer research projects in Europe. This year, young investigators1 with projects focusing on early phase clinical trials2 are eligible for application.

Investigators from academic and cancer research institutions in Europe are invited to submit a note of intent by e-mail for a new cancer research project on or before 30 April 2024.

The proposals will be evaluated by an international scientific jury. Six to eight investigators will be shortlisted and invited to submit a detailed research application by mid-June 2024. Upon peer review and recommendation from the scientific jury, the top-ranked Swiss project and the top-ranked project from another European country will receive funding amounting to a total support of 500 000 Swiss francs3.

The winners will be invited to an award ceremony to be held in October 2024 in Zurich.


The Application Form

It is important to a fair review that all applicants competing for this award adhere to the same rules. Therefore, we only accept applications completed with the designated Note of Intent Application Form.

Download: Note of Intent Application Form

Submit early enough to allow time to address any identified errors and submit a corrected application prior to the deadline.


1 Please note that the term young investigator refers to early stage researchers under the age of 45 with a PhD, MD-PhD or MD and documented experience as a PI or Co-PI in clinical studies.

2 Studies dependent on pharmaceutical industry support are excluded. 

3 To non-Swiss residents the prize money will be paid in US Dollars.


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