Approved Benficiaries

Beneficiaries must be approved by the Board of Foundation before donations are transferred or recommended. All members of the UICC (International Union Against Cancer) are automatically approved beneficiaries. They must, however, confirm that all funds received through SWISS BRIDGE are used for research purposes. The UICC, located in Geneva, is devoted exclusively to all aspects of the worldwide fight against cancer.

Members of the UICC

The UICC has nearly 300 members worldwide. The full list of UICC members may be obtained from the SWISS BRIDGE Secretariat or directly from the UICC in Geneva. When SWISS BRIDGE allocates assets to a UICC member, we can be certain that the research institute in question meets our demanding requirements.

Swiss Institutions

The Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC), Lausanne,

is the leading cancer research organisation in Switzerland. Some 150 researchers work in cooperation with the international research community so that we may learn more about the causes of each type of cancer.

The Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK), Bern,

coordinates the patient-related decentralised research efforts of Swiss university hospitals. Its clinical research aims to develop and apply medications that help patients to improve their quality of life.

The Swiss Cancer Research (KFS), Bern,

is a joint venture between the Swiss Cancer League, the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research and Swiss Institute for Applied Cancer Research, whose goal is to promote cancer research in Switzerland.

The Swiss Cancer League (SKL), Bern,

is especially involved in the establishment of a cancer research policy and in fundraising for all areas of cancer research.

The Cantonal Cancer Leagues

in Switzerland are devoted to all aspects of the fight against cancer. All cantonal cancer leagues spend part of their budget on supporting progress in cancer research. Donations to cantonal cancer leagues will be marked for cancer research.a


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